I'm Parag

\ pə •rāg

Banner photo The tattoo-pen drawing represents my existence rooted on Earth, which can be broken down into fundamental particles of nature bound together with limitless energy, which emerges from the underlying mathematical reality of the unbounded universe.

Software developer. Ex co-founder. Ex Director of Software Engineering.

For the past 16+ years I have written software for startups and SMEs, on mobile devices, IoT devices & cloud platforms.

I was closely involved with several startups, building their teams & guiding founders on technology.

Please see below for more of my projects and interests. I am hardly on social-media. But you can best reach me via email.

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  • Bootstrapped 3 ventures - Concr, Vitreo & Storate - with software architecture, technical direction, ops support and hiring for their CTO and lead-developer positions.
  • Supported 2 ventures Auxolar & Kelvyn, with software architecture, technical direction, ops support and hiring for their CTO and lead-developer positions.
  • Worked on the M-Bus protocol as well as developed the backend and frontend systems for Metr as part of the founding team. Hired lead engineers as Metr's future employees.
  • I have often guided and mentored interns as well as student engineers in software development, especially with Reactjs and Python. I use a custom mind-map with "dev paths" to help them choose the right technical skill-goals.
  • For about 2.5 years, I served as the technical co-founder at Productive Mobile, where I developed the first prototype of a desktop-to-mobile transformation platform, with a small team of engineers.
  • When employed at Cleartrip in 2012, I worked with two brilliant designers to develop its first iOS app - all HTML5 (in webviews) with heavily optimized CSS and JS, that felt fully native. It is still considered their first "native app" offering.

Projects & Learning

  • This was a fun project where we connected a gym rowing machine to a vending machine via blockchain to enable a token-based game system. When users complete one of three time-trials on the rowing machine, it rewards them with crypto tokens that they can then use to purchase items from a vending machine. It was my first tryst with Geth and MODBUS protocol. Read more about it here.
  • When the pandemic forced us indoors, I donned my dusty apron to embark on a very satisfying journey to knead, stretch, fold, shape and bake sourdough breads. I logged everything I could and exported the logs as a webpage. Take a looksie.
  • While studying at IIT Bombay, I worked on molecular dynamics for my Master's thesis under Prof. Tembe, which was consequential not just in my professional success, but also to keep my passion for programming and quantum mechanics alive!