What I'm doing now

Last updated on 02 Jul 2023 • (Click here for past versions)

This is a Now page, an idea by Derek Sivers. A living document on what my life looks like now - things I would say when friends ask, "What have you been up to?"

Current Focus

  • With generative AI tools flooding the tech industry, I am upskilling myself in LLMs. Learning the fundamentals of any technology is important, so I feel this is a good place to start for someone already familiar with ML application programming.
  • Besides, I am climbing and belaying with my friend Pablo once a week, with the goal of climbing some small to medium rock-faces outdoors.
  • I am making some small wooden articles at a local woodworking center.
  • I am trying to log 15-20km every week running on Strava - not easy but the summer sun is just too enticing to not be outside.
  • I applied for a drivers' license course - I hope to drive a used VW van to take it outside on wild camping trips.


  • Drafting my next blog post about setting up different generative AI models through Llama.cpp on a local machine.
  • I will be aiming to finish a couple of woodworking projects by end of June - a box-shaped coffee table and a small oakwood pencil-case.



  • A couple of retro tracks have kept me upbeat lately, viz. "People in the Front Row" by Melanie and "Don't Stop" by Fleetwood Mac.