This personal website is a way to share information besides serving as my "business card on the internet".

The website is hand-codedGiven that there are so many "nocode" website builders out there, I feel I need to stress how each and every line of this website's source code was hand-written with Orgmode (for the content) and Tailwindcss (for styling). The source code is on GitHub; feel free to fork and use as you see fit (PRs are most welcome).

There's no analytics or cookies for tracking, so no annoying consent popups. The site can be used with javascript disabled.

The size of the website is small, just around 100kB. And scores high on web performance metrics.Pagespeed stats and GTMetrix

I use Emacs in lieu of JAMstack to publish the website on Cloudflare Pages (because why not).

The content on this website is copyrighted with a permissive CC BY-SA 4.0 license.

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