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TIL: Challenging Quantum Gravity

The need to quantize space-time in order to reconcile the theory of general relativity (i.e. gravity) with quantum physics has met with no success. A new theory being developed by Jonathan Oppenheim and his team will attempt to address this problem by reconciling the current understanding that probablistic quantum fields (which creates particles) can exist on top of a deterministic substrate of space-time (which emerges from classical gravity).

It is very exciting to see a new hybrid theory being proposed to tackle this century-old problem. Read more about it at this article from Quanta Magazine.

"…if that interaction between the particle and space-time is random — or unpredictable — then the particle itself doesn't completely dictate the gravitational field. Which means that measuring the gravitational field will not always determine which slit the particle went through because the gravitational field could be in one of many states. Randomness creeps in, and you no longer have a [black-hole information] paradox."